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How to Submit Online


Please make unique submissions as individuals – not as a couple, family or group. Please use your own words.


What: State clearly that you oppose the End of Life Choice Bill, give a reason for your view, and include a true story if you can.

Where: (see instructions below)


Key issues about the Bill is on our homepage.    The complete Bill is available at 

Please choose YES to make an oral submission with our support and updates. 



Important points to remember: 

  • Always be polite and respectful. Avoid angry words and negative comments about politicians. 
  • Keep it single-issue, about euthanasia and assisted suicide only and specifically about the Bill.  Don’t mention any other bill or issue or you risk the Committee dismissing your submission as irrelevant. It’s best to avoid references to religious words and party politics.
  • If you have an occupation that is relevant to this issue, e.g. health professional or lawyer, please state so. 


How to use the Online Form


You can upload a file (.doc .docx .pdf .txt) or type your comments into the form (see example below).

The form can’t be saved halfway. If you would like to write a lot, you may want to first type your comments somewhere else before accessing the form, in case your connection times out.

Support is available at 0800 42 76 42.



1.   Go to


2.  Scroll down to Verification 


On a mobile, scroll right and then down.


3.  Oral submission 


We recommend strongly that you select YES to make an oral submission. Speaking to the Committee about your submission for about 5 minutes. It has more impact than a written submission.

We will provide support closer to the time. You can change your mind later, but only if you select ‘yes’ now.

On the next page, let them know if you have a disability that may affect your oral submission, if you can’t travel to Wellington, or if you want it to be in private. The Committee may decide to hear people in other cities also or by phone.


4.  Submission


The aim is to tell the Committee that any euthanasia law would be dangerous and flawed in principle.

Essential: Clearly state your general view on the euthanasia and assisted suicide bill, e.g. I oppose the intent of the bill because (state a reason and include a story if you can). 


Optional: If you want to comment on a specific clause, please stick to the broader issues involved, and avoid suggestions for improvement. We don’t want the bill tweaked – we want it thrown out! 

Optional: In the last box, state any recommendations that you think might help suffering people. You could also recommend that the Committee rejects the End of Life Choice Bill. If you wrote a long submission, you could also include a brief summary of your conclusions on why you oppose the bill in principle.


Here’s what the form looks like. The words in bold follow Parliament’s suggested format.

5. Edit Text and/or Upload File


You may want to make a copy for your own records.


6. Privacy Statement


Everything that’s uploaded and everything that’s typed under “Your Submission” will be published on Parliament’s website (except your email address).


7. Remember to click/touch SUBMIT !



8. Email a copy of your comments to MPs


Email a copy of your comments to your electorate MP, and to list MPs in your area. See MPs’ details here.

They deal with many bills, so please put “End of Life Choice Bill” in the subject line.



Thanks for making your voice heard.  Please encourage your family and friends to do the same!

Submissions close midnight, Tuesday 20 February 2018.