Submit by Post

How to have your say by Post


Submissions need to be sent by overnight courier no later than Monday 5 March. It’s now too late to send them by mail.

You can also have your say by email or on Parliament’s website.


Please make unique submissions as individuals – not as a couple, family or group. It’s a numbers game! Please use your own words.


What you need to say: State clearly that you oppose the End of Life Choice Bill, give a reason why you oppose euthanasia and assisted suicide, and include a story if you can.

Key issues about the Bill is on our homepage.    The complete Bill is available at 

Please choose YES to make an oral submission. Sign up here for support and updates. 

If you want to comment on a clause of the bill (which is optional), please keep to the broad issues and refrain from suggesting improvements. We don’t want the bill tweaked – we want it thrown out!

In the final section, you could recommend that the End of Life Choice Bill be rejected. You could also make recommendations on how you think the needs of suffering people could be met instead. If you made a long submission, you could also include a summary of the conclusions you made earlier.

Important points to remember: 

  • Always be polite and respectful. Avoid angry words and negative comments about politicians. 
  • Keep it single-issue, about euthanasia and assisted suicide only and specifically about the Bill. Don’t mention any other bill or issue (even religious references and Nazi Germany) or you risk the Committee dismissing your submission as irrelevant. 
  • If you have an occupation that is relevant to this issue, e.g. health professional or lawyer, please state so. 

Afterwards, please email a copy to your MP and to list MPs in your area. See MPs’ details here.

Thanks for making your voice heard. Please encourage your friends and family to do the same!

Submissions close at midnight on Tuesday 20 February 2018.



Recommended Format

Every postal submission needs to have two sections:

Part 1:  Covering Letter  – On a separate piece of paper to prevent your personal details from being published on Parliament’s website

Part 2:  Submission – Your comments on the End of Life Choice Bill


You could copy Parliament’s suggested format in bold below to ensure all the important details are included. (Please remember to delete the words in italics!)



Covering letter



Submission on End of Life Choice Bill


To the Justice Select Committee


Personal details


This submission is from (your first and last name, address and post code)

I wish to appear before the committee to speak to my submission. YES / No 

I can be contacted at: (daytime phone number, email address)

I wish that the following people also appear in support of my submission: (List names – optional)




I oppose the intent of the End of Life Choice Bill because 

(Give a reason. Include a story if you can) 

I wish to make the following comments:  (If you want to you could make a comment about a specific clause in the bill.)




(Recommendations or a summary of your conclusions you wish the Committee to consider.) 



Where to send it


Committee Secretariat

Justice Select Committee

Parliament Buildings

Wellington 6160


Postage is required.

Send it by overnight courier no later than Monday 5 March. 

If you’re in Wellington, you could drop it off at Reception, Parliament Buildings, Moelsworth Street.  You won’t need a stamp, but you will need to use an envelope with the complete address on it.


Further information is available from the Clerk of the Justice Committee: 04 817 9520


Thanks for making your voice heard!  Please encourage your friends and family to have their say also!