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How to Have your Say by Email


It’s easier than it looks! You can do a basic one in 5 minutes!

Would you rather speak to a real person than read this website? Phone us at 0800 42 76 42 for free support.


Steps for a quick submission:

1.  Compose a new email / Open a new email window.
2.  To:
3.  Subject: Submission on the End of Life Choice Bill

4.  Type your message:

  • Write your view: whether you support or oppose the End of Life Choice Bill.
  • Tell a true story if you have one. Mention your occupation / work experience if relevant.


5.  Write your first and last name. Instead of writing as a couple or group, please send different emails as individuals.
6.  Write whether you want to make an oral submission also. This involves speaking to the Committee for about 5 minutes later this year in person or over the phone. You can sign up for our support and you can opt out later. We encourage people to speak because then the Committee pays more attention to people’s views.

7.  If you want to make an oral submission, write your daytime phone number and town/city.


8.  Send it!  You should receive an email confirmation almost straight away. If you haven’t, please let us know.

9.  Afterwards, forward a copy to your MP. See MPs’ details here.
You don’t have to be an expert or intellectual. You don’t have to understand the Bill completely.
However, if you want more information here are some links:




Important points to remember:


  • Always be polite and respectful. Avoid angry words and negative comments about politicians.
  • Keep it single-issue, about euthanasia and assisted suicide only and specifically about the Bill. Don’t mention any other bill or controversial issue or you risk the Committee dismissing your submission as irrelevant.
  • If you have an occupation that is relevant to this issue (e.g. health professional, social worker, counsellor, lawyer), please state so.


Thanks for making your voice heard. Please encourage your friends and family to do the same!

Submissions close at 11.59 pm on Tuesday 6 March 2018.