Signing the Petition as a Group


It’s easy for people to miss an email or forget to sign.

Because this petition is finishing on the 29th of April – very soon – we are asking groups to please set aside a few minutes during or after a meeting to sign the petition then and there. People could use their phones and/or printed petition forms. 

Petition forms need to be sent by overnight courier – not post – to arrive at the Care Alliance by Wednesday 24 April.

If you have any questions, support is available at 0800 42 76 42, 7 days per week and also on public holidays.


What’s needed


  1.  A slot to enable petitions to get to Wellington by Wednesday 24 April.  (The online version will be available until 29 April.)
  2.  Someone to announce the petition. See our suggested script.
  3.  Someone to prepare materials and get petition forms couriered afterwards. Contact us if you would like costs reimbursed.
  4.  Two or more helpers to hand out forms on clipboards and collect them afterwards. Alternatively helpers could remind people to sign before they leave and direct them to a table with petition forms.



Videos to show during the signing session (optional)


These high-quality mini-documentaries by #DefendNZ feature the stories of Kiwis who would be eligible under the proposed assisted suicide Bill, as well as commentary from various experts. 

Videos can be downloaded from

Vicki’s Story: Terminal but not dead yet

Parental guidance recommended for young viewers, 9 minutes

Kylee’s Story: Choice is a relative term

Parental guidance recommended for young viewers, 10 minutes

Claire’s Story: A deadly double standard

Parental guidance recommended for young viewers, 9 minutes

Additional Handouts