Sign the Petition and Also Contact Your MPs


Why does everyone need to sign this petition?

It’s important that everyone who has concerns about the End of Life Choice Bill signs this new petition – even people who have signed other petitions or made submissions.

Over 90% of submissions were against the End of Life Choice Bill. However, more needs to be done now.

Some MPs are saying they are waiting to hear from people in their electorates on how they should vote at the Bill’s Second Reading, which is likely to be on Wednesday 1 May. 

The Care Alliance (which 11 member organisations include Hospice NZ, The Salvation Army, Family First and Euthanasia-Free NZ) launched this new petition. The aim is to have a large total number of signatures, and also to present signatures from some electorates to specific MPs. 

It’s also important to contact your local electorate and list MPs with a short message, urging them to vote against the Bill. For contact details and tips, see 

Print the petition

To arrive at the Care Alliance in Wellington by mid May.

Print the instructions

Find address details here